Term Description
Skrill You can deposit via Skrill (Moneybookers) at SBOBET. Regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK, Skrill is an online payment and money transfer service authorised under the UK and EU law.
Sort Code A unique number which is assigned to a branch of bank for internal purposes. They are typically formed by 6 digits. Please contact your bank if you are unsure about the sort code.
Special A betting market in SBOBET Sports offering special events for betting. Examples of events offered in the special market are: Which team to kick-off? Which team to qualify?
Split Handicap In split handicap betting, your stake is automatically divided equally and placed as 2 separate bets. This means that with a handicap point of 0-0.5, half of your stake is on the 0 point handicap and the other half is on the 0.5 handicap.
Sports SBOBET Sports offers all sports related events such as soccer and other special novelty events for betting.
Stake The amount of money you wish to risk on a particular selection in a bet.
Stand Stand means you do not wish to receive any additional cards from the deck.
SWIFT Code A unique identification code for a particular bank branch. It usually consists of 8 or 11 alphanumeric characters. This code is also known as a Bank Identifier Code or SWIFT-BIC. Please contact your bank if you are unsure about the SWIFT code.
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